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Taping Ears (Method 1)

This method of taping ears only using tape without supports inserted into the ears is helpful after the ears have pretty much healed from the cropping.

  • It is fairly easy to do

  • The puppies don’t object to it as much as having the supports inserted into the ears.

  • There is no irritation to the inside of the ear so the puppies don’t scratch them so much.

  • It allows the ear to “breathe,” reducing the opportunity for infection.

  • Be sure not to wrap too tight; cutting off circulation to the ear can cause permanent harm.

  • I use Zonas tape which can be ordered online but any waterproof white adhesive tape works just fine.

Stick the tape to the inside of the ear, wrapping toward the middle of the head, to the outside.

Do the same for the other ear wrapping toward the center, to the outside.

Reinforce each ear with another piece of tape.

Next brace the ears together. Start in the front and wrap toward the back.